Monday, October 4, 2010

Early Memories of Gaming

I'm not exactly sure what was my very first gaming experience but I know that one of my first games was Mario Teaches Typing. I was always intrigued by the computer and played all the educational games my parents supplied. I remember games like Putt Putt Saves the Zoo where you played a talking car who had to help find all the lost zoo animals.

My all time favorite educational computer game was Gizmos and Gadgets. This game was AWESOME! You had to run around collecting vehicle parts so that you could assemble the fastest vehicle possible to win a race. In order to get into different areas you had to solve the puzzle doors. The puzzles required all kinds of different things such as configuring electric currents, determining the type of energy (mechanical, chemical, etc.), and even arranging magnets in different patterns. You also learned about the different parts of cars and planes when you assembled all of your parts. Oh and did I had to do all of this while avoiding evil monkeys who try to steal your parts? Fun stuff!

Another great game was The Incredible Machine. In this game you had to accomplish a simple task such as "get the ball in the basket" by using an assortment of items. You could use pulleys, conveyor belts, bowling balls, and even hamster wheels. I loved the game because there were always different ways to solve each puzzle and the only limit was your imagination.

Problem solving games are by far some of my most favorite games because I love the feeling when you sit down and think about a problem...and then it hits you...GOT IT!


  1. Haha yeah, I remember my early days of gaming, back with the sega channel, game gear, etc. Sega dreamcast... Ps1.. great consoles

  2. Oh man, I remember playing Gizmos in Elementary school. Oh the hours I spent in that computer lab, shit was so cash.

  3. Haha I remember all of these. Awesome!